Sunday, January 25, 2015

I've been receiving lots of questions on Twitter and I'm happy to answer some of them, although I do want to take some time to work on my own inner self and goals. I made some big commitments for 2015 and writing my blog helps me greatly. Anyone who writes knows that the more one writes, especially utilizing "automatic writing", the better one writes with special projects.

When the subconscious mind "opens", the creative Self comes forward and simply knows what is needed. I'm sitting here waiting for the "double blizzard" to hit us starting tomorrow. I'm hoping that we won't lose power. I don't mind being snowed-in, but having to worry about all the things that "loss of power" brings, tends to close my creative least in areas that don't have to do with "survival and safety."

 Let me answer a few questions that seem to keep repeating themselves...

 **Many people who are over-weight or obese are "afraid" of food. They tend to starve or binge. This keeps the blood sugar and other hormones very imbalanced. Eating like this causes weight gain. The body systems NEED nutrition and so if you aren't eating the foods your body needs to function, it will go into survival mode and break down your lean body mass. Obese or over-weight people always have a small lean body mass, sometimes anorexic, and a large body fat percentage. This needs to be reversed and is accomplished through high level nutrition. Remember, the biggest stress the body experiences is "food stress." You do want to change this.

 **Just because everyone in your family is over-weight, obese, has diabetes, or other chronic disease states DOES NOT MEAN that you have to go down the same path. While you have a "tendency towards something" you can re-route. If you don't, then you will go down the same path.

 **If you think you can't lose weight then you won't. That's how the mind works. But...losing weight is not the correct goal. You want to burn fat and build your lean body mass. When you do this, then you will never have to worry about your scale weight again. The good news is that eating high level nutrition is so enjoyable and easy, that is IF you want to experience it. There are roadblocks, many caused my your own mind and other people in your life who will sabotage you. Remember, it is your life and you are the one who will experience the outcome of your behaviors, no one else. If you eat incorrectly, your fat will be yours along with all the chronic diseases and cognitive issues. Your choice! it's time for me. Yesterday I worked hypnotically with my Masters. Today I'm having a Board Meeting with them. I have some direct questions that actually came out from yesterday's meeting. I had active dreams last night where some of the "messages" I received came forward inside new images. Some were old, but others were new.

 I've dedicated this year to organizing my research into a reasonable order so I can write eBooks. Unfortunately my research and experience is huge, so I keep falling into procrastination. In a way, I'm fearful of even attempting to correlate all of this. If that isn't enough, I have a strong desire to publish two novels I've written following the loss of my son Michael. These books ( or books to be ) are very meaningful to me and I do want to complete these projects. So...I'm meeting with my Spiritual Guides/Masters to ask for assistance.

I do accept that I can't do everything, BUT I find myself "avoiding" instead of facing my work and "enjoying" it. I've been in a state of depression following my son's death, and while this could be a factor, I need to utilize the energy from my grief/depression and transmute it into a flow of energy that moves my desires along.

 I'm going to the Board Meeting as I write this. I enter by way of meditation and a focus on the noise of my dishwasher. Strange but true. It has a good cadence that I enjoy. It's like mechanical music. My breath has slowed and I'm entering a spiral staircase...counting down. The door to the Meeting Room is below. I see/think it. I enter. It's not a regular room, but a series of big stones around a small fire. I'm directed to a stone. Interestingly, it's not hard, but very comfortable. The fire dances before me taking me deeper down. I look at my Spiritual Guides/Masters. No one is saying anything. I let go of my expectations. That's me, always expecting something...comes the message into my mind. Oh, no secrets here. I'm completely vulnerable.

They know me, even though I don't think I know them. I'm corrected...we all know each other for we are "one." OK..I'll buy that. I'm told to "shhhh." The flicker of the flames draw me in. I'm quieter now. I thought I was quiet before, but obviously not so. I feel myself smile inwardly. I feel something in my hands. I look down at a beautiful clock. I've never seen one like this before. I seem to know it's a "life clock."

Across my mind I notice things lining up. I don't know what they are. I'm told that I do know. The things lining up are speaking to each other but I cannot hear the conversations. I'm told to "shhhh". I sense myself going deeper down. I hold an instruction to gently open my eyes. I do so, even without an effort. My eyes seem to follow the directions on their own. That feels good. I'm in my my desk. I'm at peace. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. In the background I hear "shhhh."

Thank you...I am Grateful.

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