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If you want to ask me a direct question, here's my email.  If I think your question will benefit others, I will post my answer but without your name or personal information QUESTION: Will we be working with "imagery?"  YES, all'll be surprised! Here is where we are going to begin...

Who is your MasterMind? Where does your Creative Genius reside? What if you believe you are not "creative"? After all, you can't draw a straight line. Of course, this is not what we are about to address here. Creativity is not just reserved for artists or writers. Every single person is creative and this is a gift given at birth. We were all born with "genius capability." What happened is that we forgot and others stepped in to program us, but that does not mean we cannot go back and retrieve what is ours. This is a special kind of "recovery." We are mining for "gold"...that we already own. Then, we will be guided to our highest achievements and desires.

 The image on the top indicates the speed of brain waves. The faster the brain waves the further you are from the "library of your mind" and your connection to your Higher Self. Think for a moment about prayer. When you pray you become still...quiet. Stop for a moment now and listen to what quiet sounds like. Even if there is noise or simple sounds in the room where you are there is also spaces of quiet. Even music has quiet places between the notes.

Today is Day 1 of our Workshop. Here we will learn to find the quiet. You can do this in many different ways. It's good to experiment. You can do so in your mind, by asking assistance of the "inner librarian" or by watching or touching your belly breath. Just stay in this quiet place for a minute or so. Pay attention to the difference between this space and where you spend most of your time during your day.

I'm opening the Journaling Workshop with some notes to you. As I sit here writing I'm imagining you with your Journal opened, pen in hand, perhaps wondering what comes next and if the answers you have been looking for may live between these blank pages in your Journal. I'd like you to close your writing hand over the outside cover as you sit quietly with it on the table or desk in front of you. This is going to be where you will be communicating with the deepest part of your Self. Perhaps you believe you know yourself well, but I believe you will find that the pages inside this front cover are going to introduce you to deeper areas within you...for this is where your creative genius lives and has been with you from the time of your birth, perhaps before depending on your beliefs as they currently stand. I say this because as you work through your Journal your beliefs may change a little or even a lot.

 Perhaps you have been looking for answers for a long time and it is possible that you didn't even know the questions to ask, nor who to ask them to because deep Knowledge or Inner Wisdom is not something another person can give you. Only the deepest parts of you, yourSelf can offer these answers to you. As you open your Journal, notice the lines across the pages for it is on these lines that the answers you are seeking will appear. You may wonder when that will happen, but this I cannot tell you because only you going to be in contact with your deepest Self, and your Highest Self. The answers may come quickly or slowly, depending on the right timing for you. All of this is already known. These deep parts of you have been waiting for this moment when you are to begin your inward journey.

 Please open your Journal now to the first lined page. I'd like you to write the date, including the year. Now, put your pen down. Please make sure you will not be disturbed. Turn off all phones, etc. and if others are around, please be in a private place for you. You may need to choose a different time, depending on your life schedule, and it may even be necessary for you to be outside your home if there is no way for you to have 30 minutes of private time. Many years ago...yes, I've been doing this for several decades, I had to sit in my car with my Journal. I would choose a special place to park. I remember sitting by the ocean, on the side of a park, and yes...even in a cemetery. Can't find any quieter place than that! I actually found that to be the most spiritual place, as if the spirits came to help me find my way back to my true Self.

We all develop our own methods for quieting our mind, for this is what we must do first before writing. For me, I place my Journal aside with the pen ready to write. I then close my eyes gently, tilting them up slightly behind my closed lids. The area in front of my closed eyes is my "mind screen." We will be utilizing the "mind screen" often during our inner work. If you are like me, thoughts will race across your mind, like traffic in Times Square. Just notice it...thoughts are things. We can just notice them and not be involved with them. Later on we will work very specifically with thoughts, utilizing them and editing them along with our subconscious mind. Now pick up your pen and write whatever comes to you. Forget sentences, spelling, judgments...just write what the pen wants to say "as if" you were speaking to the deepest part of you. If you have nothing to say, then write that you have nothing to say.

Listen in the quiet space between the "notes" for answers. Write them. This is your first inner conversation on paper. You have had these self-talks many times in your mind..perhaps while driving, in the shower, whenever you have been alone or even when someone else is talking to you...your mind wanders, but now you are writing this down. When you have finished, say "good-bye" for now and close your journal.

 SIDE NOTE FROM ME.. The other day I was writing about how negative energy or experiences, including grieving can connect to this place in the subconscious mind, then transmute the pain into this very high level of creativity. This can happen following any loss, big or small. Transmutation is something I discuss in the books and programs I've written and certainly in my new book. This is not to be missed! I'm asked if one can get to this special place without the above, and my answer is "yes", but one needs to develop certain skills that will allow the deepening into the under-recesses of the subconscious mind. If you visit my website you will find programs that will teach and program these skills for you. It takes desire, commitment and time, but in return you will receive a gift of the highest level of creativity and achievement that is impossible to achieve without venturing down. Working through the window of "eating issues" is a powerful place to begin to open the door to high level performance and creativity. I know this both personally and professionally. As you read my blogs and books, you will be making your own changes right in the moment. I look forward to taking you on this journey with me, and invite you to share your personal experiences.

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